Celebrating teacher appreciation week

To our teachers,

We know this Teacher Appreciation Week finds you in a much different state of mind than in years past. School closures have changed your best-laid plans and distance learning has tested your patience and resilience.

This situation has also made your students and their parents deeply aware of something you already knew — that for kids, teachers are a firm foundation when times are tough.

We’ve heard a lot of stories about how different teachers have coped in the last few months, but one really touched our hearts. A teacher recently shared with us that when this all began, she was worried her students would not attend their scheduled weekly virtual check-in while learning from home. Without the accountability to attend, the teacher felt like her students might simply choose to forego the meeting. Yet, she has found that her students are all signing on – week after week – just to spend time with her and their classmates. She said her students reach out more and take less for granted. They are looking for a sense of normalcy, and she’s helping to provide it for them in these unprecedented times. She shared, “I wanted them to see that while this is all different, it’s not all bad, there are some things that are good about this.”

Kids may not always realize it, but they need you for so much more than learning specific subjects. You show them how to turn information into ideation. You peel back the layers of a topic and expose the beating heart inside. You help students recognize not only who they are but who they’re capable of becoming. Teachers show students the magic the world has to offer and provide them with the confidence to believe in it and in themselves.

This year has shown us, more than ever before, that our educators are the most resilient group of people on Earth. We thank you for everything you do – both inside and outside the classroom.


The LanSchool Team

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