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Gamify learning with LanSchool for Valentine’s Day

How LanSchool resources can level up gamified learning activities 

As a current trend in education, gamifying learning promises to increase student motivation, engagement, and self-direction in the classroom. Gamifying learning means applying the concepts of game design to classroom activities, lessons, homework, and assessments. These concepts include empowering students to identify the problem, set measurable goals, accept the challenge, and build a team. Game design also includes providing rewards, incorporating emotion, and collecting feedback.  

What if the same principles that keep kids immersed in video games were applied to classroom and learning materials? Successful gamified learning activities use proven gamified learning resources, allow students to play and experiment, and measure success with goal achievement rather than grades. 

As we approach Valentine’s Day, educators may be looking for fun ways to celebrate while accomplishing the days lesson plan. Here are some ways LanSchool not only gamifies and enriches learning but also allows students to celebrate in a way that goes beyond the traditional exchange of cards and candy. 

1. Question of the day 

A proven gamified learning tool is starting each day with a question and asking students to answer it. The students then pick their favorite answer. The best questions are open-ended and allow students to use critical thinking, like, “How do you think other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day?” At the end of the day, students vote for their favorite answer using the Messaging Tool or Raise Hand. An extra prize could be awarded by the teacher each day for the best Messaging response to another student’s answer.  

2. Name that tune 

Play a fun game like “Name that tune” this Valentine’s featuring popular songs about love and friendship. Start by splitting the class into a few teams and using the Share Screen feature to display a limited number of song lyrics and ask the students to name that tune. Require the teams to use the Raise Hand feature to answer.  

The first team to answer correctly wins that round and receives a certain number of points. With each round, reduce the number of lyrics displayed to increase the level of difficulty and points earned. The team that has the most points at the end of the game wins a fun one-minute dance party.  

3. Desktop background contest 

A few days before Valentine’s Day, challenge students to use their creativity and computer skills to design a desktop background. Students can use advanced programs like Adobe Photoshop or something simpler like Canva to complete the task. 

To make the contest more challenging, assign each student a Valentine’s Day related item or sentiment that must be included in their design. Use the LanSchool Snapshot feature to take screenshots of each design and have the students use the Messaging feature to vote for their favorite design. The winner’s background design would be used on the desktop for the week of Valentine’s.  

4. Trivia ping pong 

Start by gathering Valentine’s Day trivia questions in multiple choice or true and false format. Divide the students into groups of three or four and display the question to the first team using Share Screen or the Voting feature and give the team 30 seconds to answer. If they get the answer right, they then toss a ping pong ball into a series of cups to determine the number of points they receive for that correct answer. Use Push Website or Share Screen to display a digital leaderboard in between rounds.  

At the end of the game, the team with the most points gets the opportunity to toss a ping pong ball into a set of three cups to determine the prize for that team. Prizes could be a homework pass, free time, or extra computer or game time.  

There is no end to how teachers can gamify learning for their students. These are just a few ideas, but LanSchool features could support almost any digital gamified learning activity. The best place to start is trying it yourself. LanSchool Air can be tried for free and with no obligation for 30 days. Start your free trial and discover how LanSchool can help you transform your classroom.  

Looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually? Take a read through our blog on virtual Valentine’s Day activities that engage your students.

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