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Searching for a new classroom management software? Here are three reasons to switch to LanSchool

We recently shared why classroom management software (CMS) plays such a pivotal role in reducing classroom stress and improving teacher retention, as well as a few signs your CMS is no longer pulling its weight. If you’re finding your CMS is not providing the value you need, here are 3 reasons to switch to LanSchool — and a special offer to make it even easier. 

Reasons to make the move to LanSchool 
  1. LanSchool works with mixed devices and hosting implementations.  

If your school is like most, you’re using a variety of devices across your different classrooms, labs, and distance learning initiatives. So whenever possible, it’s ideal to invest in software like LanSchool that works on any operating system or device. Even if you’re currently using only one platform, choosing a CMS that works across platforms is a smart move to future proof your tech. 

In addition, whether you’re in the process of transitioning to the cloud or simply like to keep your hosting options open, LanSchool gives you the flexibility to choose between self-hosted LanSchool Classic, which offers a more extensive feature set, and cloud-based LanSchool Air, which supports distance learning. Learn how to choose between self-hosted or cloud-based LanSchool   

Alternatively, you may find value in using both versions simultaneously. Logansport Community School was already using LanSchool Classic to manage students’ use of Windows machines in its high school computer labs. So when the school’s IT leaders learned they could use LanSchool Air to help teachers manage instruction with Chromebooks, it was a natural fit for the district. Read their story 

  1. LanSchool makes training and adoption easy. 

Anytime you’re implementing a new software, it’s important to consider the rollout process. Will the vendor provide the technical support and customer service you need to minimize rollout challenges? After rollout, the next challenge is providing teachers the resources and training they need to become comfortable using the software and drive adoption. 

The LanSchool team provides dedicated support throughout the process of implementation to reduce the burden on your IT team and ensure a successful launch. We also have an extensive knowledge base to give you the resources you need to self-serve as you get to know LanSchool.  

We know that driving adoption among teachers is a challenge with any new software, so we also provide online and in-person training to ensure your faculty is comfortable and ready to use LanSchool. Teachers can learn from our experts or go to our Resource Center for pre-recorded webinars, blogs, and tips for getting started. 

  1. Take advantage of the Lenovo Education ecosystem. 

Lenovo is a global, leading supplier of education-focused devices and services. As part of the Lenovo ecosystem, LanSchool benefits from this knowledge and innovation, as well as special hardware/software bundle deals that can save your school a significant amount of budget. 

Like many school districts, Waterbury Public Schools in Connecticut did not have the funding in place to meet the distance and hybrid learning equipment demands brought on by district-wide school closures in 2020. To help meet these growing needs on their limited budget, Waterbury allocated funding toward the purchase of Lenovo Chromebooks, knowing that each Lenovo device they purchased would come with a free, one-year license of LanSchool Air. Read their story 

Special offer 

If you’re shopping for devices, Lenovo and LanSchool’s bundle offer is a great way to save money.  

But if you’re looking for a CMS without a concurrent hardware purchase, we’re giving you another great reason to choose LanSchool. When you make the move to LanSchool by March 31, 2022, we’ll match your current CMS’s pricing for the first year. Just show us your last invoice, and we’ll help you get started with our award-winning CMS on your budget. 

To get more information or activate your price matching offer, reach out to us at  

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