LanSchool Air and ClassLink help teachers reclaim valuable teaching time with automated rostering  

November 7, 2023 – The LanSchool team is pleased to announce our new integration with ClassLink to provide an additional automated rostering for LanSchool Air. The integration of ClassLink into LanSchool Air will help teachers limit the amount of time they spend updating their class rosters within the software.  

“We are excited to offer this integration for our LanSchool Air users,” says Dan Verwolf, Director of Education Software at Lenovo. “LanSchool’s tools save time for our teachers and administrators. The inclusion of ClassLink as a rostering option means one less thing for staff to worry about as they start and set up their classes.”

Granville County Public Schools is already using the Classlink integration to sync classes from their district student information system. By taking advantage of the integration classes appear automatically in LanSchool.

We’re happy to have all our rostering consolidated into ClassLink. LanSchool Air made the process fast and easy.

Kevin Lawler, Granville County Public Schools.

 About LanSchool

LanSchool Air gives teachers a variety of tools that help them make the most of their precious instruction time, including screen broadcasting, screen monitoring, chat, and other features to help teachers and students connect and communicate while using devices.  

The software can also help teachers reduce the amount of time they spend managing student behavior. For example, teachers can use LanSchool Air to monitor students’ screens as they work and can send a chat message to discreetly redirect students when needed without interrupting the rest of the class. They can also reduce the temptation to talk during transitions between lessons by blanking students’ screens or opening the same web page on all student devices.  

Learn more about how LanSchool Air can save educators a significant amount of time throughout the course of the year.

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