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How Hot Springs School District leverages LanSchool to boost student engagement and maximize teaching time

For over 30 years, Hot Springs School District in Arkansas has been a champion of educational technology. Hot Springs embraces their diversity, serving 3,650 K-12 students speaking 17 languages across six schools.  Their commitment to innovation extends beyond their classrooms as evidenced by the Hot Springs Technology Institute (HSTI), a forum founded in 1994 that has become the state’s largest education conference. 

Hot Springs’ forward-thinking approach is shown by their early adoption of LanSchool’s classroom management software. Originally implemented in 2017 to help guide learning in their 22 computer labs across their campuses, LanSchool has remained a trusted partner throughout the district’s edtech journey. 

Transformative journey: LanSchool’s evolution alongside Hot Springs edtech 

LanSchool has become an important tool for Hot Springs School District, playing a vital role in their innovative approach to education technology. Years of successful implementation have fostered a seamless integration, making LanSchool an intuitive and trusted partner in the classroom. 

Bryce Walker, Hot Springs’ tech director with a 19-year tenure, and Mike Griffith, an information systems specialist who has been with the district for 15 years, have been instrumental in driving the district’s IT journey. Their search for practical solutions led them to LanSchool, a choice that has demonstrably benefited HSSD. “LanSchool’s user-friendly interface and excellent value proposition made it the perfect fit for our needs,” Walker explained. “It offered the functionality we required, seamlessly integrating into our existing systems.”  

The team originally launched LanSchool on its computer lab PCs to help teachers monitor students’ screens as they used typing tutorials and other early learning applications. The Hot Springs team was pleased with how quickly adoption spread. “The way our teachers adopted LanSchool was a nice surprise. Usually, launching software is like getting a new toy, where people are excited at first but the excitement goes away quickly. LanSchool stuck around, and we are still always getting requests from new teachers to be added to the system,” Walker said. “They like it, and they actually use it.” 

As PCs became more mobile and accessible, Hot Springs began transitioning away from computer labs and decided their needs were better met by investing in desktop PCs for teachers and Chromebooks on carts for students and teachers to share. 

LanSchool’s feature suite empowers teachers to customize learning 

One of the biggest challenges teachers face with new technology is managing it and keeping students focused. LanSchool’s live screen monitoring empowers teachers to maintain control without micromanaging students – a key factor in its continued use. Beyond Screen Monitoring, LanSchool offers a range of other features that enhance the learning experience. “Whenever I train a new teacher on using LanSchool, the first thing I show them is Blank Screen. As soon as they see that, they know this product is something worth learning, and I have their attention the whole time,” said Information Systems Specialist, Mike Griffith.

“Whenever I train a new teacher on using LanSchool, the first thing I show them is Blank Screen. As soon as they see that, they know this product is something worth learning, and I have their attention the whole time.” 

Mike Griffith, Information Systems Specialist, Hot Springs School District

Blank Screen enables teachers to instantly refocus the class by blanking student screens and locking their devices.  

The Chat feature fosters better student engagement by allowing them to ask questions privately, addressing any hesitation to raise their hand. Additionally, the ability to take time-stamped screenshots with usernames helps hold students accountable for online activities while providing valuable documentation for administrators when needed. 

Walker noted LanSchool can accommodate a variety of classroom setups, ranging from traditional teacher-led lectures to rotating group stations. Some teachers like to switch between their desktop PC and laptop throughout the class, and LanSchool enables them to do so seamlessly. Co-teachers, such as paraprofessionals, can also share the same dashboard as the primary teacher, facilitating smoother team teaching. 

From an IT perspective, the Hot Springs team appreciates LanSchool’s reliability and ease of management. With minimal setup needed, it runs smoothly in the background. Training teachers is straightforward, combining established training procedures with readily accessible online resources offered by LanSchool. LanSchool also simplifies management through its integration with Clever. Automatic roster updates eliminate the need for manual intervention, ensuring students have instant access to applications upon arrival, minimizing downtime and distractions. 

“For us, LanSchool means two words: classroom management. That’s 100 percent what it delivers — and I haven’t found anyone else in the industry who can do what LanSchool does.” 

Bryce Walker, Tech Director at Hot Springs School District
LanSchool unlocks future growth opportunities for Hot Springs  

Recently, Hot Springs’ commitment to innovation has led to conversations about how to overcome the learning loss that happens during summer and winter breaks. The district made the decision to switch to year-round school as a way of bolstering learning retention. This willingness to overhaul long-established approaches speaks to the district’s bold vision for adapting to the new challenges and opportunities arising in modern education.  

The use of LanSchool over the past seven years, has given Hot Springs educators a reliable way to guide digital learning as technology continues to reshape the school day. “For us, LanSchool means two words: classroom management,” Walker said. “That’s 100 percent what it delivers — and I haven’t found anyone else in the industry who can do what LanSchool does.” 

Hot Springs fosters edtech innovation with HSTI Conference 

The State of Arkansas provides 4-10 GB internet to all its school districts, enabling educators across the state to adopt and use technology in their classrooms. The Hot Springs team credits this statewide commitment to edtech as a driver of success for HSTI each year. 

With a mix of educators, administrators, and IT directors in attendance, HSTI encourages them to break down departmental barriers and foster collaboration. The conference offers presentations, training programs, workshops, discussions, and an exhibit hall. 

As edtech continues to evolve, hosting HSTI ensures the Hot Springs School District will continue to be at the forefront of the changing learning environment. Learn more about HSTI here

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