Guide learning. Increase collaboration. In the classroom or remotely.

Try LanSchool Air free and help ensure education continuity in the new school year. Our cloud-based classroom management solution guides learning, promotes collaboration, and maximises teaching time – whether learning takes place in the classroom or remotely.

Features that enhance blended learning environments:

  • Show Teacher helps students focus on the right content at the right time. Teachers can share screens across all student devices, immediately capturing attention and saving valuable teaching time. NEW

  • Screen Monitoring mimics the classroom environment, enabling teachers to guide learning and provide encouragement to keep students on task.

  • Messaging makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected and collaborate on assignments.

  • Raise Hand allows teachers to quickly address student questions in remote settings. This feature helps maintain education continuity as students transition to distance learning.

  • Conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet can be easily used alongside LanSchool to support synchronous learning and improve student engagement.

  • New teacher and student audio capabilities coming soon.

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