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LanSchool 8 – What’s New!

Thumbnail monitoring now uses half the amount of bandwidth

Show Teacher and Student is approximately 400% faster

Remote Control will see similar performance results as to the Show feature.

Active Display – Select a single monitor, or multiple monitors to be displayed during the show session.

Image Quality – Performance slider bar for speed vs. image quality.

Turbo Mode – Engaging turbo mode during a session will see up to 800% performance increase with 6-10 frames per second depending on available bandwidth.

Draw on Screen – Allows the Teacher to draw with a red pen on the screen

Increased content list size for banned words to provide even more robust capability.

Send a snapshot to the teacher console on a banned word event.

Alerts will forward to the LanSchool Report Server if installed to provide a centralized perspective.

Redesigned report server included at no extra charge to help schools analyze technology utilization.

Battery & Power Status Information

Option to use as part of Trial\Demo Mode

Password Secure mode now supported for Chromebooks

Option to enable Thumbnail monitoring feature even outside of the LanSchool student application (requires Android 6.0+)

Blank screen feature

Chat feature

Redesigned Student Interface

Ability to sign-in with the Google profile so that LanSchool will use the student’s login name.

Optimized LanSchool Student app to work with Android 7.0 Nougat