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LanSchool Air: Cloud Classroom Management & Teaching Software

Our cloud-based classroom management solution empowers educators to engage with students. It’s compatible with Mac, Windows, Chromebooks, and mixed-device environments. Integration is simple, updates are automatic and it’s ready to scale with your school or district’s needs.

Lanschool Air Features

Features that make a difference

Guide learning. Increase collaboration. Make the most of class time. All within a safe digital environment.

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Monitoring and Protection

Guide classroom learning and keep students safe with easy-to-use, easy-to-monitor device protection features.

Limit web

Help students focus on their work by limiting online access to approved websites and disabling internet access during tests and quizzes.

Blank screen

With the touch of a button, educators can shift classroom attention to them by blanking student screens and locking their devices.

Screen monitoring

When additional support or guided learning is needed, teachers can quickly view every student monitor — or switch to view individual screens.

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Communication and Screen Sharing

Promote collaboration in the classroom with powerful screen sharing and one-to-one, one-to-many messaging features.


Simplify classroom communication, increase engagement and shift focus with messaging features. Receive students’ questions and chat one-on-one — or send a message out to the entire class.

Raise hand

Give students a bigger voice with the ability to digitally raise their hands when they’ve completed a quiz or exercise — and the confidence to ask for additional help privately.

Share screen

Help students focus on the right content at the right time. With just one click, teachers can share their screens across all student devices, capturing attention, and saving valuable time.

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Device Management

LanSchool Air helps educators maximize the time spent in class — allowing them to push valuable websites, easily capture work and ensure power on every device.

Push website

Instantly launch the same website on every classroom device to ensure students are always on task, focused, and ready to learn, helping save educators valuable class time.


Quickly take screenshots to showcase exceptional student work in the classroom and share their progress during parent-teacher conferences.

Battery status

Track the battery status of every student device, reducing classroom disruption and inconvenient shutdowns during quizzes, assessments and other digital classroom activities.

Looking for a locally hosted solution?
We’ve got you covered with LanSchool Classic.

Technology solutions

Classroom management. Enhanced.

LanSchool Air integrates with innovative tech solutions that simplify educators’ daily tasks and help them manage class lists.

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Google Classroom and Clever integrations allow educators to quickly sync courses and ensure class rosters are always up-to-date. These solutions sync any changes immediately upon login — giving educators more time to focus on their most important work: inspiring better student outcomes.

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Discover the best choice for better student outcomes.

We offer two hosting solutions at one price. Purchase directly from us — or from our network of channel partners — to get your school or district up and running quickly. And our hardware and software bundling options let you stretch your budget even further.

If you need more information, want a personalized demo or want to try LanSchool for free, we’re happy to help.