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About LanSchool Classic

Create meaningful classroom experiences. On any device.

LanSchool’s locally hosted classroom management software empowers educators to increase engagement and inspire better student outcomes. Our purposeful solution is hosted on your school or district’s servers and is designed for Mac, Windows, Chromebooks, and mixed-device classrooms.

LanSchool Features

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For educators.

Guide learning. Increase collaboration. Make the most of class time.
All within a safe digital environment.

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Monitoring and Protection

Guide classroom learning and keep students safe with easy-to-use, easy-to-monitor device protection features.

Limit web

Help students focus on their work by limiting online access to approved websites and disabling internet access during tests and quizzes.

Blank screen

With the touch of a button, educators can shift classroom focus to them by blanking student screens and locking their devices.

Screen monitoring

When additional support or guided learning is needed, teachers can quickly view every student monitor — or switch to view individual screens.

Remote control

Make the most of class time by remotely logging in to one or more student devices to install apps or updates while students continue to work.

Web and app history

Ensure student safety by viewing their web browsing, app and keystroke history.

App limiting

Maximize class time by choosing which apps can be used on student devices — and when. Allow specific apps and block others for one or more students.

Keyword alert

Set alerts for specific search terms and have them sent to a central reporting server for easy admin review.


Quickly take screenshots to showcase exceptional student work in the classroom and share their progress during parent-teacher conferences.

Limit print

Choose which computers have access to printing permissions and easily turn those permissions on or off.

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Communication and Screen Sharing

Promote collaboration in the classroom with powerful screen sharing and one-to-one, one-to-many messaging features.


Simplify classroom communication, increase engagement and redirect focus with messaging features. Receive students’ questions and chat one-on-one or with the entire class.

Broadcast teacher screen

Increase engagement in the classroom by broadcasting one screen to student monitors. Full-screen view locks student devices, and windowed view lets them work along with the teacher.

Broadcast student screen

Enable student-led learning by broadcasting a student’s screen to the rest of the class. Full-screen mode locks other devices while the student shares their work.

Push website

Save precious class time by instantly launching the same website on every classroom device to ensure students are always on task, focused and ready to learn.

Launch app

Get even more from class time by troubleshooting navigation issues and launching the same application on select student devices — or for the entire class.

Mute audio

Shift student attention and make the most of class time by quickly muting device audio for the entire class.

Send/receive files

Send documents, reading assignments, templates and other materials to student devices. Digitally collect assignments when they’re complete.

Group chat

Facilitate engagement and collaboration between groups of students. Dynamic chat windows display student responses in real time.

Student taking a test in a classroom using a desktop
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Maximize class time by quickly administering tests and quizzes, setting test guidelines for one or all and automatically collecting and grading student work.

Tests and quizzes

Create digital tests of up to 100 questions, including multiple-choice, true/false, and essays. Assign time limits for one or all. Inputting correct answers allows the tests to grade themselves.


Allow students to vote on a single multiple-choice question. View a digital summary of answers or export them as a .CSV file.

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Device management

LanSchool helps educators maximize the time spent in class, allowing them to remotely control student devices and maintain classroom focus while allowing IT admins the means to collect and report relevant data.

Battery status

Eliminate inconveniences that slow classroom learning. Track the battery status of every student device to ensure they don’t shut down during quizzes, assessments, and other digital activities.

Remote power on/off

Remotely power on or off student devices to redirect focus or to perform app updates and other maintenance.

Tech console

Receive IT assistance remotely through messaging features, remote control, remote software installation, and more through the tech console.

Report server

Collect browsing history, keyword alerts and application activity history from student devices in a secure and central database.

Enterprise data collection

Get even more from your classroom management solution with educator usage data. Determine whether or not LanSchool is effectively incorporated into the classroom on a school- or district-wide scale.

If you need more information, want a personalized demo or want to try LanSchool for free, we’re happy to help.


Technology Solutions

Classroom management. Enhanced.

LanSchool integrates with innovative tech solutions that simplify educators’ daily tasks and help them manage class lists.

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Google Classroom and Clever integrations allow educators to quickly sync courses and ensure class rosters are always up-to-date. These solutions update any changes immediately upon login — giving educators more time to focus on their most important work: inspiring better student outcomes.

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