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LanSchool and DNSFilter partner to protect students online

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Keeping your school’s network secure and stable means eliminating harmful content and cyber threats before they can cause issues. LanSchool is proud to announce an education partnership with DNSFilter, a cloud-based, AI-driven solution trusted by the Fortune 500. We’ve partnered to provide a best-in-class web filtering and threat protection solution at education-only pricing because we believe student safety should be a given, both in school and when using school-issued laptops for distance learning. 

Why does LanSchool care about online threats? 

In 2015, 80% of eighth graders needed access to a computer to complete their homework according to NCES. Of the eighth graders with Internet access, only 65% of their internet usage took place at school, leaving over a third of their traffic taking place at home. 

In just five years, digital devices (and internet access) have become an even more important part of our educational system, especially with the current pandemic driving the necessity of distance learning. Schools issue student laptops, but providing that necessary tool also comes with some risks. 

Since January 2016, there have been nearly 900 cybersecurity incidents reported by US schools (K-12), with 348 of those incidents occurring in 2019 alone. Those incidents resulted in school closures, millions of lost dollars, official records being altered, and entire IT systems going down. Worldwide, cyber threats cost education upwards of $7.3 million annually. 

DNS filtering isn’t just about avoiding data breaches 

It’s not just the costs or frequency of cyber threats that have educators concerned. There’s also the risk of what content students can access on the internet. The internet provides a lot of opportunities for students to access harmful content.  

At LanSchool, we’re aware of the hurdles educators face in protecting schools from online threats in school or when learning from home. As a provider of classroom management software to schools worldwide, we’ve observed the increased need to keep schools and students safer from harmful online content and cyber threats. 

“Schools are constantly under attack from botnets, malware, phishing, and other threats. There’s also a great deal of harmful content on the internet directed at students.” 

-Coby Gurr, General Manager at Lenovo Software 

The DNSFilter and LanSchool partnership 

It’s this concern that led us to partner with DNSFilter to provide a secure learning environment for students and educators, all at education-only pricing. This partnership builds on LanSchool’s long-term commitment to student safety, while also extending the mission of DNSFilter to protect all users of the internet. By partnering with DNSFilter, LanSchool classroom management software is excited to provide students and educators with a more secure, online learning environment. 

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