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LanSchool wins awards for innovative distance learning solutions

This summer, LanSchool was the proud recipient of two industry awards recognizing innovation in the classroom. The Academics’ Choice Award and the EdTech Breakthrough Award highlight the best learning-focused products in education that are addressing real problems for teachers, students, and parents. We are honored to have been selected by both of these respected organizations for the steps we’ve taken to support distance learning and hybrid solutions, and to ensure students have access to smarter technology during these unprecedented times.


LanSchool’s classroom management software supports distance learning

Although LanSchool won the Academics’ Choice and EdTech Breakthrough awards for reasons that spanned a range of judging criteria, the single factor that set the product apart was its innovation in helping educators solve imminent needs, including the need to smoothly transition from in-person to distance learning and hybrid education – maintaining education continuity. Unlike many other classroom management software programs, LanSchool offers solutions for a seamless blended learning experience.

Educators can use LanSchool to guide digital learning and promote collaboration in the classroom and remotely by broadcasting their screens to student devices for modeling exercises, pushing websites to students so everyone is on the same page, limiting which websites students can visit, messaging with individual students or the entire class, and monitoring students’ screens to ensure everyone is on track. The software also works in conjunction with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet for teachers who want to create synchronous digital learning experiences for students learning remotely.

Distance learning approaches for the upcoming school year

Distance learning has taken center stage as school districts around the world make difficult decisions on when and how to reopen schools in light of the global pandemic. The discussions revolve around whether schools should implement in-person classes or continue the distance learning format that many transitioned to at the end of this last school year.

An alternative approach rising in popularity is a hybrid format. One such hybrid option offers in-person classes for some and remote learning for others, with the two groups switching places on different days. Another option is to have all students on campus part of the week and online the rest of the week. Alternatively, some schools have opted for a slow rollout, starting the year fully remote and slowly transitioning to in-person classes. While each option presents different pros and cons, one common denominator is the need for a classroom management solution to encourage student engagement as the new school year begins.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the educators and parents who submitted reviews and to the Academics’ Choice and EdTech Breakthrough awards judging panels for selecting LanSchool.

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