LanSchool and Lenovo NetFilter win top honors in prestigious product awards

Lenovo takes pride in providing schools with the continued innovation they need to help students become well-rounded digital citizens. And this dedication has never been more important. 

Since 2020, the use of digital devices in schools has increased by 99%. This proliferation of technology is poised to take students to new heights, with one recent report finding that 96% of teachers believe technology has a positive impact on children’s lesson participation and learning. 

To ensure teachers and students receive the maximum benefits of edtech in the classroom, IT teams have to select software that is reliable, easy to learn and use, and purpose built for the needs of the classroom. They also have to ensure the proper safeguards are in place to keep students and networks safer while digital learning takes place. 

Lenovo’s education products are designed to meet these needs and more. That’s why LanSchool, our classroom management software, and Lenovo NetFilter, the company’s AI web filtering solution, have been selected to receive top honors in THE Journal’s 2022 New Product Awards and Campus Technology’s 2022 New Product Awards. Additionally, Lenovo NetFilter was selected as a 2023 finalist for the Edison Awards. 

THE Journal 2022 New Product Awards  

THE Journal exists to inform and educate K-12 district and school decision makers and educators about ways to improve and advance the learning process using technology. Their New Product Awards “honor the outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers whose products or services are considered to be particularly noteworthy in the transformation of education technology.”   

LanSchool was honored to win the award for best product in the category of classroom management, culture or student success system, receiving “platinum” distinction, the journal’s highest honor. LanSchool is a pioneer in classroom management software for more than 35 years, with an evolving feature set that includes the ability for teachers to view students’ screens, block websites and apps, broadcast students’ screens or their own, chat with students, and more.  

Lenovo NetFilter also won with platinum distinction in the web security category. Lenovo NetFilter is the company’s AI-driven web filtering software that catches threats other filters miss. This capability is vital for schools, as education remains the most-targeted industry for cyber threats, receiving twice as many weekly cyber attacks as other industries.  

Campus Technology 2022 New Product Awards 

THE Journal’s sister publication Campus Technology also awarded New Product Awards to deserving edtech solutions, giving LanSchool and Lenovo NetFilter platinum distinctions in the same categories.  

Campus Technology serves as a resource for academic and administrative IT leaders in higher education and helps to establish a collaborative environment that promotes professional networking and global pedagogy.  

The Edison Awards 

The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design and innovation. Awardees are selected by a peer-related voting body made up of top executives, academics, and innovation leaders from across the globe and must meet the criteria of presenting exceptional concept, value, delivery, and impact. 

Lenovo NetFilter was selected as one of three finalists in the category of Cyber Threat Advancements, due to the product’s AI-driven content analysis, customized filtering functionality, and support for more than 40 languages. 

Celebrating these distinctions and more 

Lenovo is pleased to receive distinctions for one of its longest-running education solutions — LanSchool — as well as one of its newest solutions — Lenovo NetFilter. This speaks to the company’s ongoing commitment to quality and innovation in the education space, which will persist as classrooms continue to evolve in the coming years. 

Bundle LanSchool and Lenovo NetFilter and save 

One of the benefits of leveraging Lenovo’s ecosystem of education solutions is the ability to bundle and save on Lenovo hardware and software, as well as partners’ software. Every qualifying Lenovo device purchased by a school or district comes with a free one-year LanSchool license. In addition, purchasers can bundle LanSchool and Lenovo NetFilter to receive a discounted rate. 

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