Experience Lenovo’s smarter school campus and more at Bett UK 2023

Education is evolving rapidly, thanks to the proliferation of digital connectivity in schools. Each year, the Bett UK show brings together more than 19,000 educators and edtech vendors from around the world to explore and experience the technology shaping the industry’s future. 

Taking place March 29-31, 2023 at ExCel London, this year’s Bett show promises to help educators reconnect with the education ecosystem, reimagine the potential of technology in education, and renew their commitment to equitable learning for all. 

Lenovo College 

In the South Hall, Booth #NK31, Lenovo will demonstrate how smarter technology inspires smarter education through its experiential activation, enabling visitors to walk through a highly connected, Lenovo-based campus. This interactive smart school will feature nine experiential areas including the following:  

  • IT Support Office
  • Professional Development Center
  • Windows and Chromebook 1:1 classrooms
  • Digital Content Corner
  • STEM Challenge Hub featuring F1 in Schools
  • Virtual and Immersive Learning Lab
  • eSports Club
  • Higher Education Academy
  • Environment / Social / Governance Corner

These areas in the booth will show visitors what’s possible using today’s Lenovo education technology, including purpose-built hardware and software to support safer and more effective digital learning and administration. Understanding the complexity of the education environment, Lenovo’s solutions put learning at the center while also making deployment and implementation simple and reliable for school IT teams. 

In the IT Support Office, Lenovo will showcase a few of the end-to-end security solutions the company offers to keep students and their data safer, including Lenovo NetFilter, an award-winning, AI-driven web filter and keystroke alerting software. In addition, visitors can explore Lenovo solutions that help teachers and students stay focused on learning and not on technology, including LanSchool classroom management software and more. 

Informative speeches on STEAM and eSports 

Lenovo team members will also lead conference sessions on two topics of interest for future-focused education leaders — STEAM and eSports

Keynote: Inspiring and Enabling STEAM-Based Careers 

Bett Arena  
Thursday, March 30, 3:45 – 4:15 

Join Delia DeCourcy, WW Education Portfolio Manager from Lenovo as she hosts Steve O’Connor, Director of IT from Aston Martin, to discuss the roles of technology innovation and STEAM-focused expertise as the foundations for success at Aston Martin.  

Blending together an incredibly creative and diverse group of designers and engineers, Aston Martin fuses elements of science, technology, engineering, and design to make the most beautiful cars in the world. Lenovo solutions help drive the student programs that open doors to STEAM based careers in Engineering and Design. 

Session: The Power of Esports in Enhancing Skills 

Esports Arena 
Wednesday, March 29, 12:20 – 12:40 

Featuring Christine Stellar Foss, Lenovo General Manager and Director of WW Education Solution, and Marco Vigelini, Maker Camp CEO, this panel will address the educational potential of competitive video games that emerged while conducting the LEGA SCOLASTICA ESPORTS initiative. This was a national competition between high schools based on competitive video games that offered teachers and students significant hands-on experience in esports, exploring both soft and hard skills. 

Join us at Bett UK 2023! 

Lenovo is committed to inspiring and empowering the future of learning. From digital curriculum to classroom management, from immersive learning to esports, our solutions are simple, secure, and engaging — bringing together devices, software, and services, made for education and made to work together.  

We look forward to demonstrating how smarter technology can inspire smarter education for all. See you at Bett! 

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