Celebrating our heroes this Teacher Appreciation week

Teachers are our heroes – and we know we’re not alone in feeling this way.  

Every day as an educator, you dedicate yourselves to supporting your students. You lead by example, showing young people what it looks like to face obstacles with curiosity, passion, kindness, and strength. You teach kids so much more than academics. You show your students that they matter, and that whatever trials they encounter, they have your support. 

We are grateful to you for living your values and making a difference every day. During some incredibly difficult times, you’ve shown strength in adversity and have prioritized staying connected and present.  

We recently asked students to write a note to the teacher who has meant the most to them. The responses we received make it clear that your work is deeply meaningful to the students you teach. 

For your leadership, resilience, and commitment, we celebrate you this week and always. 

Thank you, teachers, for everything.