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To the student whose school just installed LanSchool

So your teacher has introduced LanSchool to your class, and you have some questions. That’s totally understandable. Classroom management software can seem mysterious – and even intimidating – if you don’t know what to expect.

But rest assured that your teachers and school admins have your best interests at heart and are following a number of guidelines when using LanSchool to protect your privacy and freedom. Keep in mind that LanSchool is software for teachers to use in the classroom or while distance learning – it’s not intended for use outside of school hours.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here are the answers to some of the questions we’ve heard students and parents ask:

Is LanSchool illegal?

Of course not. LanSchool is a smart classroom management software that helps teachers and students collaborate while staying safe online. It also helps teachers guide your learning in a personalized way. For example, if you’re quick to complete an assignment, your teacher may send a message to get you started on the next assignment (reducing your homework load) or may give you special access to additional web sites while you wait for the others to finish.

Sometimes students have concerns about teachers or administrators monitoring their device usage. That’s understandable – no one wants to feel like their every move is being watched.

When you’re on school campus, learning and safety are your school’s number one priorities, so LanSchool enables teachers to see which web pages and apps you’re visiting while in class. When you’re learning from home, teachers may view your screen to ensure you’re engaged in class work and making progress on the assignment.

But LanSchool is not to be used for monitoring students outside of school hours. Teachers should not view your screen once they’ve closed your class session.

Your school may choose to enable the key logging feature, which will give teachers access to your keystroke history. However, LanSchool does not store any of this data on our servers. We also recommend teachers only refer to this information in rare cases where they’re concerned about a student’s immediate health or safety.

Can LanSchool see through my camera?

No, the software doesn’t have that capability. None of the features utilize your camera, and LanSchool has no way of accessing it.

The software simply enables teachers to view your desktop, including all the open tabs and apps on your computer) during class. If your teacher is using LanSchool, they can also view your web history, so keep that in mind.

How do I remove LanSchool from my Mac, Chromebook or PC?

If your school has installed LanSchool on your personal device and you’re transferring schools or graduating, your school’s IT admin should remove the software. If that hasn’t happened, get in touch with your IT admin or principal to let them know.

Otherwise, sorry kids. You can’t remove the software. But you’re entitled to receive clear guidelines from the school on what teachers can and cannot do with it.

Is there a LanSchool blocker I can use?

If you’re asking this question, we applaud your enterprising spirit. Those digital skills you’re building will be useful throughout your life. The same goes for questions like:

  • How to block LanSchool
  • How to bypass LanSchool
  • How to bypass blocked websites at school
  • Or how to bypass school filters

But when it comes to LanSchool, may we recommend… just rolling with it? Your teachers are simply trying to give you a positive and productive learning environment and ensure they’re able to help you even when you’re learning from home. There’s plenty of time in your outside hours to go down Internet rabbit holes and talk to friends.

We happen to think LanSchool is the best classroom management software, and we’re excited for the role we play in helping you achieve better outcomes.

If your school hasn’t provided you with guidelines on how they will and won’t use LanSchool on your device, reach out and ask. Your privacy is important, and your educators are concerned with protecting your online safety. That’s one reason they’re using the software to begin with.

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