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First impressions from a LanSchool Air early adopter

Teachers and school administrators are always on the lookout for ways to keep students engaged and enthusiastically learning in a secure digital environment. Jennifer Lathrop, a fifth grade teacher at Oakdale Elementary in Montville, CT, is no different.

A teacher for seven years, Jennifer is passionate about incorporating technology into the classroom.  Jennifer has previously used the locally hosted LanSchool product, so she was familiar with its core benefits. When she heard about a new, easy-to-use classroom orchestration product that’s designed for educators who already use and love Google Classroom™, she was keen to give it a go.

Recently, Jennifer began incorporating LanSchool Air into her Chromebook environment. Brought to you by the people who made LanSchool, LanSchool Air makes it easier for teachers to enrich learning with technology that helps minimize the most common digital distractions and gives teachers more options to direct attention and increase collaborative learning.

“Incredibly interactive and user-friendly”

As an existing LanSchool user, Jennifer was excited to be an early beta tester of LanSchool Air since all her students use Chromebooks and Google Classroom. Pretty soon she was hooked.

I absolutely love all of the features, and the students respond so positively to my communication through the program. Having this web-based program was so incredibly interactive and user-friendly.

The Google Classroom connection was also a big hit, as Jennifer explains: The integration was incredibly useful, especially since we flex during the day. This way I can bring up a class that I have setup in Google Classroom and use it to supervise that group of students. Very user friendly!

Jennifer was so pleased with the beta phase, that she now uses LanSchool Air for everything from monitoring student progress, communicating with students who need quiet reminders, and even monitoring the computer use of students working in other rooms.

Centralized tools that empower

LanSchool Air was designed for educators like Jennifer who work in Google Classroom environments. It’s especially useful for teachers who wear multiple hats and need tools that are easy to use and implement on their own.

In fact, that was a big reason why it grabbed the attention of Jennifer and Nicholas Savoie, her school’s IT director. LanSchool Air unites numerous online classroom activities in one centralized platform. For example, the “push website” capability lets Jennifer launch the same webpage on every classroom device instantly, so she no longer has to spend time repeating a web address or, worse yet, walking around to correct errors in the URL on dozens of devices just to get students on the same page. She can also use thumbnail monitoring to view all student screens to see what they’re working on and where they may need help. Other features include a “blank screen” option that allows Jennifer to clear all student screens and lockdown keyboards and mice, grabbing attention with one click. This can all add up if you’re dealing with a class of 25 students.

Get up and running in minutes

Teachers like Jennifer are extremely busy, and time in and outside the classroom is at a premium. But, as Jennifer points out, LanSchool Air is easy to customize and use.

It takes moments to set up and learn the features. This is a program that any teacher, no matter their tech savviness, can handle,” said Jennifer.

If you’re a teacher who grapples with a lull in participation from your students, this tool helps keep your students focused and on track and gives you fresh ways to engage and manage classroom time more effectively. The tools in LanSchool Air promote e-safety, monitor real-time progress and give teachers the ability to blank screens and lockdown keyboards and mice in order to get everyone’s attention right away.

Whether you’re a single school or an entire district, LanSchool Air is an exciting addition to today’s classroom, simplifying classroom orchestration and positively improving learning outcomes. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about what others are saying and try it for free.

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