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As a pioneer of classroom management software, LanSchool has been placing purposeful technology in the hands of passionate educators for over 30 years. Our simple classroom orchestration solutions empower educators to inspire developing minds.

Designed for Educators

Guide Classroom

Promote positive redirection through private student-teacher messaging and monitor screens with Website Limiting and Blank Screen functions.


Easily share your screen with the class to distribute materials, administer quizzes and polls, and highlight outstanding student work.

Make the most
of Class Time

Manage multiple classroom activities all within one simple platform and customize your settings to easily access frequently used features.


  • Hosted on your local server
  • Primarily used with Mac, Windows or Android devices, or in mixed-device classrooms
  • The most comprehensive set of teacher-focused features, including Broadcast Screens
  • IT administration control with a robust Tech Console
  • Clever integration enables automatic rostering
  • Annual subscription includes upgrades and support
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  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Compatible with Chromebooks, Mac and Windows devices, and mixed-device classrooms.
  • Includes the most popular features from LanSchool, including real-time Screen Monitoring and Website Limiting
  • Google Classroom and Clever integrations enable automatic rostering
  • Ongoing, incremental enhancements at no cost that update automatically
  • Annual subscription includes upgrades and support
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“LanSchool gives our teachers the tools to turn a potential distraction into an important one-on-one teaching opportunity. It has transformed how we use digital devices in all of our classrooms.”

Chris Parker
Technology Coordinator

“I didn't have to spend hours learning how to use it. When I first started with LanSchool, it took just 30 minutes to learn how to use 12 features. As someone who’s looked over more software than anyone probably should, I know how rare that is.”

Susan Sebastiani
Technology Teacher

“The teachers love LanSchool for classroom management. They can push files to students and do collaborative work with them and don’t have to be at a computer to see what students are doing. They can see what’s on a screen and talk about it. If they see something cool, they can put it up on everyone else’s computer.”

Ray Ebersole
System Administrator

“The integration was incredibly useful, especially since we flex during the day. This way I can bring up a class that I have setup in Google Classroom and use it to supervise that group of students. Very user-friendly!”

Jennifer Lathrop
Fifth Grade Teacher

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